Tuesday, 22 January 2013

dermalogica eye care

OK let's talk about our eye today. All of us know we have very thin and weak skin around our eye, so we definitely need more care around it. Why not try dermalogica total eye care for the day protection? There are not a lot of eye gels in the market with SPF and coverage right? If i'm not wrong!

This special eye gel with SPF and coverage! Instantly conceal our dark circles and moisturize our eye area PLUS UV protection! Contains alpha hydroxy acids smooth while firming plants extracts retexturize our skin. And you guys must know, dermalogica is a super natural product! Without fragrance or coloring. The coverage part is because of the natural minerals ;)

I personally love the light weight of the cream.
Normally my client see results in a week. But it's up to individual! For me, i see results in three days! Sounds fake again right? Because i really monitor my skin and work very hard that's why! 

                                        Follow by applying intensive eye repair in the night.

                                It's really water base and LIGHT! I just love it! MUST TRY! 

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