Friday, 11 January 2013

REEBONZ experience

One of my friend introduce REEBONZ to me recently. Although i have seen it before but due to some bad experience in online purchasing, i never bother to try it out. But it is somehow tempting when so many  friends telling me how great they are and good feedback online, i decided to try it out once!

There is a REEBONZ app available on iphone so i downloaded it. Whenever they are having sale, iphone will auto appear notification to you.

So i shop like a happy bird with my phone, their service is GREAT! FAST! EFFICIENT! FRIENDLY!


After purchasing, (if you are using installment plan 6 or 12 months) they will call you within 2 hours to get your credit card information on the phone to confirm your order. After confirmation, when transaction approved, they will call you back again for final confirmation. But they don't take 2 hours, in fact they will call you within the next half an hour.

They will send your item within 3 working days with the timing you prefer. But in fact the item was sent to me the next day! Anyway i bought a prada bag and Gucci key pouch.  

And they will call you when they are on their way to your house if you didn't pick up the phone, they will sms you. If you are not at home and need someone to collect on your behalf, after item collected, they will sms you again. That's what we call good service RIGHT! How many companies are actually doing this now!? 
And their item appears to be exactly the same as what i saw on my phone! While some online stores show pictures which look totally different from the actual item!

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