Tuesday, 19 February 2013

3rd young entrepreneur awards 2013

Attended 3rd young entrepreneur awards 2013 yesterday at Chijmes Hall. It was awesome! It's my first time attending such inspiring ceremony for entrepreneur. Judges from 77 street, A-changin Pte Ltd and canon Singapore are really amazing and inspiring people!

awesome design 
Our VIP KIM LIM with her wine LOL!

;) Better than nothing OK! LOL!

The people ;)

Congrats to all the WINNERS!

Judges sharing their experience in managing their business.

Founder of 77 street Singapore ;)

They shared their experience, hardship and challenges in managing their business before and after their success. Well as a entrepreneur myself, i'm totally inspired by what they said. One of the judge mentioned that her partner and her started A-Changin Private Limited with less than 5k of capital and their company is now Singapore's leading social enterprise with a social mission to provide training and employment opportunities to women in need. P.S. her mother was a cleaner in great eastern brought her a used table from work place in her office to start her business.

Founder of A-Changin Pte Ltd 
Source from http://www.alteration.com.sg/

Another inspiring one, Beh Weng Wei (Frambie.com) 2nd young entrepreneur awards 2012. He shared about how he manage his business now and how we grab our opportunities. 

                                     " Opportunities come when we are prepared."

Last word to all entrepreneurs, Business is a no ending marathon, never give up on any of your ideas! And one day you will be as awesome as any big bosses up there ;) Think Big Think Canon. 

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