Friday, 17 May 2013

Driclor - No more perspiration underarm!

Anybody who are facing underarm serious perspiration problem, please try this out now! I'm not exaggerating! It's works so well that i cannot believe it. I started using this when i was 18 years old! I recommended this to many of my friends who are facing this problem. And it helps so much for people who are suffering from body odor too!

But nothing is perfect, it feels bloodly itch after you applied. But after a few times, you will be used to it and amaze by the result! It can only be use in the night.

How to use.
Apply it at night everyday after shower for the start. After you get the result you want, use it once in a while whenever it starts to perspire again. 
And i will use NIVEA dry comfort in the day. 


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