Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Forever living Aloe Vera gelly

n case there are people who doesn't know about forever living products. Let me tell you about one of their star product.
 Had a serious outbreak recently due to STRESS! So i decided not to apply anything but only this all time favorite forever living Aloe Vera Gelly. It's totally impossible for anyone to get sensitive to it UNLESS you are sensitive to aloe vera! If not you will sure love this like i DO!

WHY!? Because it's totally water base and for all skin type! DRY SKIN, ACNE SKIN, SENSITIVE SKIN etc...
And you can even apply on burned area to reduce redness. It's so natural! 
                                                                          Simple and user friendly packaging 

Here's my recover face! Oops tomato again!
No picture provided when i'm having my outbreak! It's TOO SCARY! 

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