Sunday, 9 June 2013

L'OREAL ELSEVE Extraordinary OIL

After 6 years of short hair, I'm keeping back my long hair now. As usual, long hair is so difficult to maintain! So I'm trying out a lot of different hair treatment products. Saw the new L'OREAL ELSEVE Extraordinary OIL, decided to give it a try since the oil I'm using now doesn't seems to have any amazing results. 

Light weight

I'm surprise of the light weight which is best for people who have fine hair like me because normally when we apply hair oil if it's too oily, it will make our hair look lesser. 

Natural fragrance 

The natural fragrance smells like flowers and it's not too heavy at all.

Water base and non greasy

It's so water base that I don't feel oily on my hands when applying.
It gives miraculously perfect hair that is Richly Nourished and Intensely Protected from damage while providing a Glowing Shine, Smoothness and Ultra-Lightweight with a Non-greasy Finish!

Normally i use two pumps and spread it evenly on my ends before blow dry. Without washing my hands, I will use the remaining to apply above the hair roots but not all the way to the top as it will look very flat after a whole day of work for people with fine hair like me.

And it feels neat and tidy the whole day! Without all my electrocuted hair! Well I'm a happy girl now! GOOD LUCK! 

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