Monday, 17 June 2013

LE BUNNY BLEU is finally in Singapore now!

Ok I think maybe I'm a outdated person haha now then I know LE BUNNY BLEU is in Singapore. I guess it's there at bugis+ level 2 for sometime already.

The first time I met this brand was about three years ago in Korea with my sister and bf on a holiday trip. The trip was FUN! 

Ok back to LE BUNNY BLEU, I bought one of their blue shoes, it fits pretty well on me and most importantly it's comfortable, light and good quality! I wore it almost everyday! Because I have the habit of not changing shoes although I have a lot of shoes! LOL! But it only wear off after 2 years! And it's because the front part of my feet is too wide so ended up a hole at the side of my shoes because of my toes >_< 

This is the new one which I bought it at Discounted price $48 usual price $61 they having GSS at 20% discount! I LOVE it so much! I love the light weight, the unique design, the color and the comfortable level! The bad part about them is they only carry size 5 for the smallest! Then people with size 4 no need to buy liao! And the cutting for this design is bigger! I need to put a padding behind in order to wear it. But I still like it very much ;)) 

With a padding behind added by myself. 

The shoe box.

       It's gonna be MY NEW LOVE NOW! 

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