Tuesday, 4 June 2013


I'm on a budget life style now! No expensive cosmetic except for bags hahaha! So I bought SILKYGIRL loose powder recently and it cost me not more than $20. Sorry again that I can't remember the price! LOL! But for your information my sister is working with Gaint so I enjoy additional 10% discount!
I use two way cake for my whole life until recently i decided to try out loose powder. 

Why I use two way cake? 
Because two way cake got a highly coverage compare to loose powder.

Why I choose loose powder now? 
Because loose powder doesn't clog pore easily like two way cake does. But of course without proper cleansing it will also clog your pore! 

I did try loose powder for once, and I don't like it. But now I LOVE this! The powder is FINE, SMOOTH and it looks so much BRIGHTER after applying it. It stays bright the whole day! Most importantly SHINE FREE! 

In the past when I was still using two way  cake, after half a day my face look dull and lifeless. As for what i know, powder oxidant after contact with the air and eventually your face will look dull after wearing it for sometime. 

Whereas for this loose powder although its also a powder, i have no idea why it doesn't feels dull after wearing it for the whole day! LOL! Or maybe it only works for this? NOT SURE! What I only know is, I like this loose powder la! Haha! 
On the other hand, my face look so much slimming now hahaha! Punching and massage helps a lot! Check it out Here!


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