Friday, 16 August 2013

Bless birthday with a big surprise -- cupcake with love.

Time flies, I'm 26 years old this year! Oh GOD! I'm late twenties! But who cares!? As long as I'm still pretty it's more than enough HAHAHAH! As long as I'm still with people who I love and people who love me it's more than enough. 

Someone asked me who's my best friend and how come I only mix with a few people only, I have no idea what I should reply. But of course, I knew it from the bottom of my heart that I seriously have NO TIME for others! I rather spend my precious time with all my love ones. RIGHT? COME ON! I'm so busy! Who have the time to meet so many others everyday!? Hahahaha! 
But I just kept quiet because I know that person who asked me such question will never understand what I meant. Hahaha so save my time explaining. 

Here's all my love. My family. 

Mr Han bought me a minions cupcake from "cupcake with love" it's the best cupcake ever! Not because it's from him but it taste really great! After so many cupcakes I tried. This is the best! 

I love it with flowers HAHAHA!

My dear sister ;) this year without elder sister around because she's busy with work.

My love...mummy & blackie ;))

Another love...Mr Han ;))

Best present ever...

From Mr Han ;)

I LOVE this wallet too much! 

This is too awesome! Anyway I choose it on my own la! 

So many presents from Mr Han!!

Another love from sister Kim! I love you ;) 

Baby spa with elder sister Lynn and Yan Yan ;))

She's so sweet ;))

Little present from Joan! 

And a red packet! From mummy ;) I have so much love already. Why bother to spend time with people who don't love me? ;)))))) BLESS...

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