Saturday, 3 August 2013


I'm getting pigmentation as age is catching up! So I started taking HAKUBI WHITE C capsule a month ago. This is the second time I'm taking this. I remembered I tried this when I was 20 years old. Maybe because I'm too young I don't really see much results as I'm quite fair at the time.

But now I'm 26 ;( 

After consuming it for about one month, I notice some changes in my skin. Forget about the pigmentation part because as a beautician I know pigmentation is not easy to be lighten in such a short period. It needs a lot of effort both consuming and applying of suitable whitening products in order to see results. 


My skin is soften
My skin is smoother
My skin looks brighter 
My skin tone is fairer 
My skin feels firmer 

My skin feels so much BETTER! 
Now I feel as if I'm a baby with baby skin ;))) LOLLLL! 


Why not try it yourself? 
Anyway I'm still hesitating whether or not to go for Vitamin C jab. As I HATE my pigmentation! Although after doing E-light face treatment it lightens a lot but I'm so busy!!! I have no time! So going for a jab will save a lot of time and effort! ;)) Well let's see how's the result for HAKUBI WHITE C first ;)) good luck to me! 

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