Saturday, 3 August 2013

Hush puppies quality and affordable shoes

To me wearing a shoes is not only to beautify myself. I need something comfortable. I guess this brand hush puppies is not new to you. I used to buy their shirts not shoes. I happened to pass by compass point metro they are having a 20% storewide so I decided to look around for my NEW shoes! 

I found hush puppies! Normally I will choose Pierre Cardin because they always have design which are more "YOUNG" 

Where as for hush puppies, for what I remembered their designs are always for people with older age. 

Surprisingly, it's a totally different experience today! Their designs are so interesting and unique now! 

This is one of the shoe I bought at $87.20 usual price $109.

So cute ;))

I love this round part! It makes my feet looks smaller ;)) haha! 

very comfortable 
with a little height 

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