Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The conjuring

The conjuring is the 
Scariest horror movie ever beside insidious! Which is one of my favorite horror movie too!
And I thought it was another "ghost stories in a house" based on a true stories. 

I didn't expect it to be so SCARY! And it's even scarier than insidious! SERIOUSLY! 

Anyway I'm someone who fancy ghost stories and horror movies so much that I have no idea what's wrong with me!? I can watch that continually for a week and I'm fine with it. The reason I love watching horror movie is because I love the excitement while watching it, I feel so good! LOL! Sounds seriously wrong with me! I just love that "feeling" of being scare! LOLLLLL! And I have no idea WHY! 

But I'm completely beaten by the conjuring. Until now, I'm kind of scare whenever I'm sleeping on the bed someone might pull my leg! LOL!
Ok back to why the conjuring is definitely worth watching! But please note that it's only for people who are ok with horror movies! Because the scary part it's a bit over! I'm worried you can't take it! Hahaha! Cannot sleep for few week then how!? 

Here's why the movie is that awesome! 

This part! MY GOD! The part when the hand claps beside her! 

People who watched this movie already, I guess u guys agreed that this is the scariest part of all! It brings horror movies to a next level and created another history in horror movies right! Well, it sounds so "over"? Have you watch it? If no, go watch it and you will know WHY! 

Although it's a short scene but it makes so much difference in the whole movie. And without this part, the movie may not be that awesome! 

This part is good ;) but it doesn't scares me haha! 

And this doll is one of the important role! 

The part when someone's pull her leg, it feels " I'm so scare ;(" And I must say, her acting was great! Her expressions is awesome at her age! Well I don't know her age actually! LOL!

The conjuring created a feeling of scariness that made me feel that i'm inside the movie with them. Nothing to describe but the word SCARE! And it's from inside! The scene they created is something that feels so "real" and not those " ghost come out liao" -_- LOL! 

And when we thought it suppose to scare us, it didn't! It made me stay so awake during the whole movie session! 
Until I have a headache after that -_- 

The director is just crazy to create a movie like this to scare us! Haha! But I LIKE!! LOL! GO WATCH IT! 

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