Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Beautiful life

It's been a great long off days for me as my beauty centre is under renovation. We went up the small hill near my house for a picnic, make great ice cream at sister's house with Jia Jia and lunch with my mom the next day. 
Yu Yan is such a cheerful baby girl! 

She's always so HAPPY! 

So adorable!

I guess she follows my mom and sister both of them are as cheerful.
My second sister Kim.
LOL! Why so happy? Hahaha! 
Kids are just too CUTE! 
Happy mom with happy Yu Yan.
*Please note that she didn't drink the 100plus

As usual...HAPPY!
Searching for gold bar. LOL! 
Still searching...
She saw gold bar! 
More gold bar! 
YES! Full of gold bar! 
Here's my black dog Mr blackie Lim. Hahaha! I'm bless! 

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