Wednesday, 11 September 2013

PasarBella @ The Grandstand

One of my favorite hang out place 
PasarBella @ The Grandstand 
200 turf club road.

It's a unique place with a feeling that you are 

Unique shops and unique design. 

At the very moment when you step into it.

Listing of shops.

One of the shop selling balloons. 


I personally fancy cheese so i love this 
shop! bought one myself! It's so tasty! 

The sales girl told me it's from a goat.
Taste very different from normal cheese. 


You can also dine in. 

Not very often that we can see such unique 
Places in Singapore isn't it? 
And you can sit wherever you like even if 
you didn't buy any of their food or drinks.

Be organic

I bought one pack of instant risotto here!

My favorite hot chocolate.

Surprising their toilet is awesome haha! 

Awesome isn't it? Very clean also!

 And this is a diaper changing station.

This area is for you to rest! I saw someone
sleeping on the sofa! Haha that's why I only 
Snap one sofa. See the legs!? Hahaha!
But a bit weird leh to sleep in a toilet! LOL!

Beautiful the TOILET!

Overall experience is great! A must visit place! 
Cheers ;))

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