Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Serenity Spanish bar & restaurant

I wanna reward Mr Han for helping me during my salon renovation so we went Serenity Spanish bar & restaurant. But 
ended up he pay half of the bill! Haha! 
Because it's soooooo expensive! 

But I can't deny that their food was awesome 
And I really mean it!

Even for their drinks. Mama Mia combination
Of lychee juice, mango juice and grenadine 
Syrup. To my surprise, It taste extremely 
pleasant and smooth.

You can see from my expression isn't it?


This is for Mr Han. Mango tropicano combination 
Of mango purée, lemonade and cherries.

Here's the awesome dish! The BEEF! 
Solomillo al foie. Very difficult to spell! LOL! 
It's so soft! MY GOODNESS! The dressing is 
Great!!!!! Never taste something like this before! 

Their signature dish. Suckling pig! LOL! 
Sounds so different!

Here's the real picture! The above picture
Is from Facebook! Haha! 
I can only say, all the meat is smooth like
Heaven hahaha! The way they grill it is 
different from Chinese.
The pig skin is damn crispy and the meat
is damn juicy! 

Total we spent $210++ 
Expensive right!? Just for a dinner -_- 
I recommend to go on special occasion! 
It's a great place for celebration and good food! ;))
Cheers! ;))

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