Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Very expensive OMAKASE BURGER!

Went for a lunch with Mr Han at omakase burger during his lunch hour.

200 Turf Club Road

Singapore 287994

The most expensive burger ever!
But of course it's very tasty!

Very comfortable ambience.


This will blink when it's your turn to collect your burgers!

I had my favorite float. Their ice cream taste great!

My ultimate cheese burger set With mushrooms, beef, bacon and cheese fries. I love their cheese fries too!

WHAO! SUPER DUPER TASTY! You can choose the way u want your beef to be cook. Normally I choose medium rare. 

That's for Mr Han. Cheese burger too!
But it's not like mine "ultimate" haha!
It's without mushrooms and bacon if I'm not wrong. 

We spent $45.60 in total for a fast food. It's consider very expensive actually. But this is the best burger I ever had ;)) Good quality! 

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