Friday, 1 November 2013

Want longer eye lashes? TRY Latisse!

I always wish to have very long lashes, tried lots of lash grower serum but all the products in the market normally don't get good results.

One day while doing facial treatment for Joann, I realized how come her eyelashes is getting longer and longer!!?
It looks like Indian eyelashes! Seriously! 

So she told me she's using Latisse eyelash grower serum and she advise me to give it a try! 

I bought it from Skinlab @Wheelock they are having a promotion 1 FOR 1! Whao hahaha so lucky! Each box cost about $198 before GST.

Each box contains many brushes and one small bottle of eyelash serum.
Apply it at the upper eyelid everyday at night before sleep. Note that it cannot be apply below the eyelid because it may cause discoloration. 
Instruction DVD
I used it for about a month and here's the result! AMAZING isn't it!? Hahaha! I'm gonna use till I'm old or until I found something more effective and cheaper than this! CHEERS! GOOD LUCK! 

                     CHEERS :) GOOD LUCK

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