Monday, 30 December 2013

Xcape Singapore

Went to Xcape Singapore on Xmas day with sister and friends! It was a great and fun experience for me! 

Anyway just in case you have no idea what's that, Xcape is a mind game between you and your friends cooperation in order to open the secret door to win the game. Bascially they have different rooms for different games I guess haha! We can't bring along any of our belongings into the room so there isn't any pictures to show what's inside. 

Five of us were seperated into two different groups (two rooms) and we need to help each other in order to open up the door between us and then towards the final winning door.

Our room has three locked boxes waiting for us to open it. There's a paper with sentences and some missing words to help us out for the locker password. Conversations on the wall for us to guess what's happening and what's the number involved.

Anyway, we didn't win the game! LOL! But it's close ok! Last few seconds only! The feeling is awesome when we open up the doors! LOL! A MUST visit for all youngest! Train your brain! Cheers ;))

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