Monday, 10 March 2014

Naked water

Jesslim bought me two bottles of naked water as a CNY gift! I thought it's just normal water! Surprisingly, it's such a wonder! 

It is one of the softest waters in the world which gives you a distinctly delicious drinking experience. It is also rich in silica: a source of youthfulness and the alkaline levels found in naked. help balance out the acid in our diets and increase oxygen flow, leaving you feeling refreshed and full of life. We think it's like jumping naked into a beautiful cool lake on a hot summer's day
It is over 1800 years old and is drawn from one of the world's depest, oldest and most pure artesian water sources: The Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. Clean, fresh and natural.

Luxury Artesian Water: Nothing else!

Typical Analysis of naked
In mg
Calcium (Ca)
Magnesium (Mg)
Nitrate (N)
Sulphate (S04)
Bicarbonate (HC03)
Cloride (CI)
Softness (as CaC03)
Total dissolved solids

Benefits of Getting Naked
The significance of the properties in naked can be seen in particularly high levels of silica, a very low hardness rating (making this a very soft water) and a slightly alkaline pH level. The combination of these factors make naked one of the smoothest, best tasting natural artesian waters in the world.

The natural filtration process produces one of the highest levels (93.4mg/l) of colloidal silica present in any natural artesian water in the world. For centuries, writers have been romantically lyricising about the magical powers of a mythical 'fountain of youth'. By virtue of the anti-aging properties of naked there may well have been a certain truth in the legend after all. Colloidal silica, found naturally in naked, has been scientifically proven to slow the aging process. There is even scientific evidence that it may have the ability to reduce atherosclerosis, the major cause of heart disease. Silica stimulates cell metabolism and cell formation and improves the structure and function of connective tissue and collagen, both of which have been shown in scientific studies to assist in preventing the spread of cancer and heart disease. Silica is a rejuvenator from the inside out, improving the elasticity and firmness of blood vessels and stimulating the immune system.

naked is one of the softest, naturally occurring waters in the world. With a hardness rating of just 13, it is in the category of a super-soft water (the lower the rating, the softer the water).

Human blood must stay within a very narrow alkaline range (pH 7.35-7.45*) or serious illness and death can occur. Almost all our body functions, including our brain and our immune system, work best in this slightly alkaline range, and our cells can only absorb oxygen and nutrients in this state. However, almost all the processes of living - tissue repair, metabolism of our food (especially our modern diet), and even stress - produce acid. One of the major keys to long-term health is maintaining the body's acid-alkaline balance and we can do this through diet and lifestyle choices that help maintain the body's alkalinity. With a natural pH of 7.2, naked is classified as a naturally occurring, 'slightly alkaline' water, making it a powerful tool in the maintenance of the body's acid-alkaline balance. pH measurements range from 0 - 14. A pH of 7 is neutral, anything below is acidic and anything above is alkaline.

I did some comparison between other mineral water. Their silica contains only about 15 or lesser.

Where to get Naked


Supermarkets and Convenience Stores

Cold Storage
Market Place
7Eleven redmart

Clubs, Bars and Hotels
Cufflink Club
Cuba Libre
Creative Eateries 
W Hotel

Hello to my baby skin and forever young complexion! ;) 

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