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Pure Element Luminous facial- The best facial singapore

Looking for something special rather than the usual facial treatments? 

Try Pure Element Luminous facial!

Luminous facial is Pure Element back to basic signature created personally by our founder in 2007. It combines model technology and Chinese facial Gua Sha a traditional way of detox leaving your facial skin smooth and luminous after the facial treatment for months!

Treatment includes deep extraction with Scaling fluid a dermalogica professional extractions solutions! A clear, light foaming fluid that provides a professional ease of extractions, thorough desincrustation. Natural herbal base of watercress, burdock, lemon, sage and ivy provides a natural antiseptic alternative and is also soothing saponaria gently removes impurities while sodium salts soften keratinized protein and impacted sebum in the follicles. Allowing for easy extractions without irritation and drying of traditional alkaline based sodium bicarbonate.

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Photon a biological active cold light, applies low energy without any side effects. It transfers light energy to cell energy then accelerate cell growth, improve blood circulation, stimulate fibre cells to produce collagen & proteins, increases skin elasticity, anti-aging, reduces serious acne, lighten pigmentation and reduces facial skin sensitivity!  It combines Red, blue, purple, yellow, green, orange and laser light to cater all different skin problems!
See great results with the combination of E-light Skin Transformation!

Signature face massage with facial Guasha is a modern and natural healing process of facial treatment, handled with extreme care as the skin around the face is more sensitive and thinner. It is soothing and has the effects of relaxing after going through the treatment. The Facial Guasha treatment comes with a face cleansing and facial massage. Based on face physiological structure, using a designed facial Guasha board, with consistent strokes system, moving along specific channels and collaterals acupuncture points on face, it simulates blood circulation, reducing blood vessel obstruction to extract toxic waste, remove blood stagnation, promotes normal circulation and metabolic processes of the body. It has prominent and lasting effects for facelift, wrinkles, freckles, pimples, and other known beauty related symptoms.

Ultra-waves & cold hammer penetrate deep into our cell tissue and produces vibration like a massage deep into the skin thus botanical mixer absorb so much faster than normal application.

 Botanical mixer an oil free blend with active botanical that is both powerful and aromatic. A water soluble floral water base with hydro essential blends to enhance performance and customize almost all treatment products. Ideal for oil intolerant clients that want benefit of essential oils in a lighter formulation.

Double face masque improve skin absorption and double up treatment effectiveness.

Double facial cleanse
Facial light therapy
Signature Luminous Facial massage
Facial steam
Signature facial extraction
Unique Luminous facial serum
Ultrasound facial penetration
Cool luminous facial penetration
Facial base masque
Luminous facial top masque 1
Luminous facial top masque 2
Shoulder/hand/head massage

-  Improve facial skin clarity
-  Deeply purify facial pores
-  Brighten facial skin tone
-  Increase nutrient absorption
-  Improve overall facial skin tone

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