Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Why so shameless?

I have been keeping quiet for the past few months since this incident happened to me.

It has impacted me greatly and made me  think twice before being nice to others again.

Purpose of this post is not to shame both of them but to clarify the rumors Krist Goh & Zhi Hao have been spreading to others and mutual friends verbally and via social media.

This is the skin centre Krist Goh referring to in her Facebook post 

Pure Element 
Blk 233 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 #01-1180 Singapore 560233

And this is the skin centre i'm operating!

What really happened....

Click on this link if you can't watch this video on mobile 

*Fast forward to 18:59:43 for both video*
2nd video shows Krist Goh took the display eye gel from the table
1st video shows after Krist Goh took it, she kept the eye gel inside her pocket and walk towards counter.
*1st video- Look carefully on the right at between 18:59:50- 18:59:53 she kept the eye gel inside her pocket after she took it from the table at the 2nd video.

On the 19 June 2016 afternoon I discovered that one of the tester eye cream in my skin centre was missing. After watching CCTV on 19 June 2016 i found out that stealing occurred on 18 June 2016 between time 18:50:00-19:02:50pm. It's the time when 2 of them stepped out of the treatment room to the counter and skin bar area.

As my CCTV is with audio function, I can see and hear that my staff showed Krist Goh a tester eye cream while she tried it on her eye area. 

After that my staff place the tester into the basket on the skin bar and proceed to explain the packages to both of them. 

After explaining the facial packages 3 of them including my staff moved towards the counter for payment. 

CCTV footage shows that from 18:59:00 to 19:00:00 Krist Goh walk towards the skin bar while both of my staff were talking to Hao at the counter. 

She took a eye cream on the skin bar and put it inside her pocket secretly without asking and any acknowledgement from my staff.

From the CCTV footage her secretive action looking around before she took it clearly shows that she have the intention to take it quickly and hide it behind her right pocket before putting it inside her pocket while nobody is paying attention to her. 

After putting it inside her pocket she walks towards the counter. Again, with no intention of asking whether the item is for her. 

And so after settling the bill, both of them left. 

From the beginning till the end, none of my staff told her it's for her and she didn't ask them whether it is for her before she took it and left my shop.

On 20th June 2016 
I'm really disappointed and I have no idea what should I do. And so, I consulted my closed friends. Most of them advise me to call the police first. 

But I decided to whatsapp Zhi Hao and let the matter rest instead. 

As I know Hao better compared to Krist Goh, I whatsapp Zhi Hao on 20 June 2016 of what i discovered and sent Hao the CCTV footage. He told me that he knew about it and it's her bad habit and we'll need to give her some time to change. 

Accompanied with a mutual friend, I met up with him at a prata shop and showed him the CCTV footage again. He agreed that what Krist Goh did was wrong and he'll confront her and get her to apologize to me. And he'll show it to Krist Goh mom and let her know the situation.

On the account of the friendship I told him i don't need her to apologize to me and i won't call the police because we are friends.

And will still be friends. 

I just need him to know and acknowledge that what she did was wrong and keep an eye on his girlfriend just in case she gets him into trouble because of this "Bad habit" I told him i'll deduct the cost of the eye cream from his package deposit and i'll let the matter rest. (But this deduction didn't happen as it didn't go well later on)

And how he is gonna confront her is none of my business already. That will be between both of them only. But of course he can update me if he wants to.

After our meet up, Zhi Hao called me that same night. He told me it's a misunderstanding. I asked him in what way it's a misunderstanding? 

He told me Krist Goh "Thought" that it's a sample and my staff told her it's for her that's why she took it. 

At that point of time Krist Goh was screaming behind the phone cursing at me for accusing her of stealing and even dare me to call the police if i wanted to blow this matter up (When i didn't even wanted to blow this matter up in the first place) 

Zhi Hao insisted on the phone that he needs to watch the CCTV footage with audio to prove that my staff did told her they have freebies for her to bring home. So I arrange a meet up with him the next day.

Krist Goh even posted on her fb on the same night saying "I DID NOT STEAL" and other related post telling people she didn't "Steal" and she don't even feel that what she did was "Stealing"

On 21st June 2016 
I realized that what I thought the missing item was actually our display eye cream (NOT FOR TESTING) but not our tester eye cream. 

The tester eye cream was misplace in the treatment room trolley.

Then I wonder what did Krist Goh actually took?

I looked around and realized that our display eye cream on the display shelve was gone. 

And then I realized Krist Goh actually took a display eye cream instead of our tester eye cream. (She must be real disappointed)

So I decided to watch the CCTV footage again to double confirm. 

And confirmed that my staff kept the eye cream back into the tester basket on the skin bar while taking out our services file when she showed it to Miss Goh. 

It happened that the display eye cream was on the skin bar table at the time when the stealing occurred. We can see from the CCTV footage that my staff was holding a display eye cream on her hand initially after explaining the facial packages and before heading to the counter for payment with both of them but she put it down afterwards (Because customers are always our priority, there isn't a need for her to place it back to the display shelve first so she settle their payment first) 

If my staff did mentioned that the eye cream was for Krist Goh, why would she put it there and not pass it to her directly/immediately? And who will give customers display/tester tube home to try!?

On the same day, Zhi Hao came to my shop at 5pm and i showed him the CCTV footage with audio inside the treatment room as I don't want my staff to know that they are the ones who stole it. At least spare both of them some dignity. (But now my staff already knew it as it's under police case)

Upon arriving, before showing Hao the CCTV footage.

I told him that Krist Goh accidentally took a display instead of the tester. But stealing is still stealing and it doesn't matter what did she stole. 

asked him how's the confrontation between both of them? (Just curious) 

He told me he felt that it's a misunderstanding, Krist Goh is not at fault and Krist Goh doesn't need to apologize to me at all. (When i didn't even wanted an apologies from her in the first place)

After watching the CCTV footage with audio, he told me he can't hear much because it's too soft. 

And then Zhi Hao wanted to watch the footage at the time when both of them arrived at 430pm on 18 June 2016 before the treatment starts, to prove that my staff did gave Krist Goh a wrong idea of the item is for her to bring it home. But footage shows that my staff didn't even bring out the stolen item to show it to her at all.

After watching everything, I asked him  what's his conclusion. He replied the same "It's a misunderstanding"

And he even told me off ridiculously

This is what he said 
"If this item is so important why didn't u keep it inside the locker and leave it outside and who will know that it shouldn't be taken home?" 

"Customers go to your centre for facial treatments and you accused them of stealing, who will dare to come to your shop for facial anymore?" 

"She thought that it's a sample for her so she took it without knowing that it shouldn't be taken, and how would she know it's not for her to bring it home?"

"And now it's not about u calling the police, it's us wanted to call the police because u accused her of stealing" 

"You spoiled my girlfriend's reputation and say she's a thief how can u compensate her?"

I even questioned him nicely 

"Are you in a right mind to say this now? When you know it very well that if you took it without asking is considered stealing already. You are not helping her but getting her into trouble. And I just wanted to let this matter rest. Do you want to take back your words?

And how come you changed your mind so fast after confrontation with Krist Goh? Do you even know what is right and what is wrong?"

He replied 

"Yes I know what i'm saying" 
She's not at fault, she doesn't need to apologize to you and we'll call the police! 
You got to apologize to her!" 

And so before he left I asked him 3 times. So now if i were to call the police are u sure you are ok with it? And you want to call the police and arrest me for spoiling your girlfriend's reputation? 


On the same night, the mutual friend who accompanied me to met up with Hao called me and told me not to report to the police first, she'll talk to both of them first but i told her everything was too late, both of  them were too much. Too ridiculous! (When you guys are the ones who told me you wanted to report to the police first and arrest me! My goodness!!!)

On the same night after the mutual friend spoke to both of them, they FINALLY admitted that Krist Goh was wrong, my staff didn't tell her that the item was for her but she "Thought" that she can just bring it home because it's a sample. And both of them are willing to apologize to me and respect my decision if i still want to make a police report. 

Yet both of them STILL feel that it's a misunderstanding but not "Stealing" because she "Thought" it's a sample "DUNNO" eye gel so small that's why she took it without asking. 




**Even if it's a sample you took it without asking, without anyone telling you it's for you, it's "STEALING" what!!!! 

How many times must i repeat this!!? 


From the beginning till the very end, even when Krist Goh shouted & scream behind the phone, Zhi Hao told me off in my shop, i kept my calm and i didn't even raised my voice at them at all. 

What did i do to deserve all these shit from both of them when my initial intention was to let this matter rest? 

Is it because I discovered krist Goh's stealing bad habit and it embarrass Zhi Hao very much? 

Is it because I doesn't want to agree with Zhi Hao that it's a misunderstand and it's not stealing? 

I have no idea why do they need a third party to make them willing to apologize? Why can't they do that when I talk to Zhi Hao nicely?  (When i didn't even wanted krist Goh to apologize in the first place!!!!) 

What is wrong with both of them!?

Yet i hesitated for 3 days before i made a police report on 25 June 2016. 

I stupidly thought that since both of them told (mutual friend) that they realized their mistakes and will respect my decision if I were to make a police report (Sounds real nice and as if they really realized their mistakes and willing to face the consequences be it whatever happens)

And I feel that we'll still be friends even if i make a police report and krist Goh will face all the consequences in a positive way. 

After I made a police report, krist Goh posted a check in to AMK police division on her facebook "Helping to make investigation and to explain myself. Waste my sat for a used and expire eye cream" on the same day. 

Naturally others comment on her post. 
She mislead many others that she's innocent and we are using expired testers and products on customer's face without clarifying. A lot of her FB friends wanted her to sue us and to PM them where is the skin centre located.

She even mentioned that she wanted to report this to CASE (Which we didn't even sell her the item, she stole it! Come on!) 

Worst part is she even told her friends that police will return her the stolen eye cream after case closed (laugh my ass off) Police should return it to me NOT YOU! (Police already returned the stolen item back to me anyway) 

Her friends suggested her to report to HSA (When we are not even using expired products or tester, what she stole was a DISPLAY! Which i think she's really very disappointed that she didn't manage to get what she wanted) 

Who on earth will make sure a display packaging is always within expiry dates? You can come down to my skin centre anytime and you'll see almost all of our display on the shelve is expired packaging what!!!!!

If we really let her tried the expired tester on that day, how come there isn't any sensitivity on her face!? 

And come on! She actually accused us of using expired tester of Dec 2015! Expiry date of about 6 months! How can it be no signs of sensitivity at all!? 

And why would my staff gave her a EXPIRED DISPLAY TO BRING IT HOME!? Which she claim that my staff told her that it's for her!?

CCTV shows that my staff place the tester eye cream into a basket which Krist Goh tried before taking out the files to show her our promotions isn't it? And why she's telling people on FB that we gave her expired tester to try on her face? 

At the latest comment she even mentioned that her "conscience is clear" (laugh my ass off) 

But how come when she reached the police station she admitted to her offense? 


When a person got caught stealing they will find thousands of excuses to get away from it.

And be it, it's because she "Don't know" or "Thought" it's a sample for her. Her action of "Taking without asking" is already considered stealing WHAT!!!!

If she's really sorry, realized that her action was wrong and willing to apologize and respect my decision in making a police report, why would she post all these on her FB when i'm the VICTIM! HELLO! NOT HER! 

When she's the one who stole from me! Not me stole from her! (I haven even post anything and she posted first!?) 

Which company will accuse customers of stealing when they are the ones who provide us with sales? 

From the start till the end of the CCTV footage none of my staff told them that they are giving them freebies to bring home WHAT!

And why would I accuse my friends for nothing? 

If my intention was to blow up this matter initially, why would I bother to inform Zhi Hao of krist Goh's act and meet up with him? 

Use your brain and think!

If this happen in other shops, owners would have called the police right away and who will even bother to listen and have a good chat with them first before calling the police? 

*We have been operating for 9 YEARS and none of our customers took any of our testers/display/samples home without asking/assuming that it's for them*

This is the first theft case incident in 9 years. 

Like what one of her friend who comment on her post "You used $90 to see her true colors." 

But I used a display to show the world your true colors. 

And come on! Krist Goh please stop lying to your FB friends and made them look like a fool making stupid comments when they don't even know the truth! 

Police have confirmed with me that you admitted stealing, they have watched the CCTV footage confirmed your stealing action and this will be classified as a theft case! 

Warning was even given to you on 17 July 2016. 

P.S Krist Goh, I'm really sorry that you accidentally stole our display and not our tester. But you'll still need to face the consequences of STEALING!! 

As for Zhi Hao, I really pity you. Blind to max! Can't even judge what is right and what is wrong. Ridiculously told me off when I didn't even wanted to blow this matter up in the first place. 

Like what one of Krist Goh's FB friend who commented on her post "She's the one who make the whole drama until it's irreparable." 

Both of you made it irreparable! NOT ME!


* Warning*
 Legal actions will be taken if Krist Goh continues spreading untruth rumors of Pure Element using expired products.

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